Ehsan Abbasi

Ehsan Abbasi | Technical Product Manager


1. Consultation Services for Your Product Ideas

We help you navigate the path of launching a new idea with significantly reduced financial and time investments, reaching your goals faster. Often, you seek software development teams to bring your idea to life, which can lead to substantial costs. However, you might not yet know if the market truly demands your product. This is where we can stand by your side, guiding the product journey in collaboration with your technical team, minimizing potential losses.

Your Needs at This Stage:

  • Refining Your Idea
  • Product Design
  • Collaboration in Product Development
  • Product Market Entry
  • Product Development Team Preparation
  • Product Growth

2. Growing Your Product at the Right Stage:

You might suspect that your product is holding you back, and that’s where I step in. With my services, we’re going to dig into the nitty-gritty of your product to pinpoint its weak spots and strategize for swift improvements.

Your Needs in this Stage:

  • Identifying Weak Points in Your Current Product
  • Finding Quick Wins
  • Analyzing Product Feature Performance
  • User Behavior Analysis
  • Boosting Engagement, Sales, and Retention
  • Positioning Your Product
  • Preparing Your Product Team

3. Product Consultation for Large Businesses

If you are a large enterprise or a startup that has surpassed its growth stages and currently holds a significant market share, undoubtedly you have various needs in the realm of product management. These include establishing a product team structure, guiding and leading the product within the competitive market. Our product consultancy services are designed to assist you in assembling your team according to the current circumstances, preparing the product for scalability, and even venturing into new markets.

Your Needs at This Stage:

  • Market discovery for new products 
  • Improve product structure 
  • Improve backlog management
  • Help the user engagement 
  • CRO Optimization 
  • Product-oriented mindset 

4. mentorship for jounior product managers

In the process of mentorship, I try to help those who are interested in the product field so that they can grow according to their individual skills and help them to provide good performance in all their career processes from 0 to 1.

Your Needs at This Stage:

  • Resume review
  • Mock interview
  • Practice technical questions 
  • Product management resources 
  • Exercise the Product Design process
  • 1:1 Meeting 
  • Refer to companies 
  • Help to growth soft skills 



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